Info for general public

Info general public of the 2023 edition

The Science Festival 2023 awaits you with an array of 55 shows and workshops.
There’s something for everyone.

Green Event

The Science Festival organizers are proud to announce that the 2023 edition is officially a Green Event.

We’d like to thank all the exhibitors and speakers (Neumünster, foodtrucks, Niessen, Added Value, Luxzelte) for helping us achieve this designation.

Discover the changes this will mean for visitors too.


11 and 12 November 2023 from 10:00 to 18:00


In Luxembourg-Grund in the Museum of natural history and in the Abbaye Neumünster.

Target public

For all curious people aged 6 and over, with no upper limit.


53 workshops and 4 shows based around science and technology will give you the chance to dream and discover scientific knowledge in a hands-on way. The motto is no longer “No touching” but “Touch everything”. Without participation, there’s no result.


Discover our 2023 program (in FR and DE). There’s something for everyone!


Discover all our activities at a glance on the site map.


The participation to the workshops and the shows is free of duty!


Booking Shows

Due to the limited number of seats available for the shows, it is advisable to make a reservation. If you have not yet entered the auditorium by 10 minutes before the start of the show, your reservation will be cancelled.

The only show can’t book is “Wissensturm und Funkenregen” in the Neimünster Agora.


No reservation to take part to the workshops !



Catering will be provided by food trucks on the festival site, the Naturmusée, the Brasserie de Neimënster and by Niessen.


Remember to bring your water bottles to fill up at the fountain and change for the deposit on the food and drinks containers (€1/piece).



Line 23 : stop Stadgronn Bréck (saturday and sunday every 30 minutes)

Lines 14 et 15 : Arrêt Clausen/Rumm (saturday and sunday every 30 minutes)

Map of the bus stops near the Science Festival with 2 very near stops.


Gare centrale and railway station Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg is a 15-minutes walk away. Please consult the CFL timetable.


The rue Münster and the rue des Trêves are closed to traffic.

Recommanded parkings: Brasserie (Rives de Clausen)

The Parking du Saint Esprit is closed ! Information to other parkings


Due to the large number of visitors, pushchairs are not allowed into the Naturmusée building or its exhibitions. There is a guarded car park just 10 m from the entrance to the Naturmusée.
You can also leave your bicycles there under supervision.

Waste management

The SuperDrecksKëscht® team supports the Science Festival in the area of waste sorting and prevention.


The Service d’Hygiène de la Ville de Luxembourg is also providing “Recycling Points” (PR) with bins for paper, PMC packaging, glass, organic waste and residual waste.


Act sustainably and take part in the organisers’ offer, in collaboration with the Service d’Hygiène de la Ville de Luxembourg and the SuperDrecksKëscht®.